Good Faith Receiving

Revolutionising the auditing process saves you and your suppliers substantial time and money.


The basis of GFR

Do your employees spend hours every week checking through supplier deliveries that are almost always correct?

At times, it can feel like a completely unnecessary task, especially if you work in an environment with several deliveries per week, or even per day – that’s what GFR is here to solve. Watch our quick and easy animation to show you exactly how it works!

Good Faith Receiving

How does it work?


Your deliveries will be checked several times throughout the supply chain, and when your staff come to do it, it can feel like an expensive and unnecessary task. Occasionally, you’ll catch one delivery that isn’t quite right, but then it’s up to you to get in touch with the supplier, sort out a separate delivery date or change the agreed payment.


These sample checks are then extrapolated to gain an overall insight into the full delivery. GFR isn’t about stopping the checking process completely or removing established conventions. It’s about improving efficiency and reducing expenditure, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business while deliveries are handled without any hassle.


GFR is designed to remove the need for this process, saving both you and your supplier valuable time and money by receiving your stock without thorough checking. While this might seem like an odd process, our highly trained auditors will conduct sample checks on deliveries and provide you and your suppliers with the tools you need to continue the process.


Orridge can provide you with the support to help guide you through the set-up process, including this can include supplier engagement, business case analysis and on-site support.


Accuracy. Efficiency. Effectiveness.

Pick accuracy checks, perpetual inventory checks, direct store checks, and more – ensuring your business gets only the best logistics management services.

Pick Accuracy Checks

Pick Accuracy Checks

Robust pick accuracy ensures that you receive the correct stock in optimal condition and can help allocate the correct charges to the right place.

Perpetual Inventory Checks

Perpetual Inventory Checks

Knowing that your stock file is constantly being corrected and updated will often remove the need to count all your stock on a regular basis.

Direct Store Checks

Direct Store Checks

A random, independent audit sample is conducted across your estate, providing real-time data to drive supplier performance.

the benefits

Good Faith Receiving can help you save time, minimise admin and reduce costs.
See why you should integrate Good Faith Receiving principles within your company.

Improve order & pick accuracy

Orridge’s team of auditors will guarantee that what is being picked accurately reflects what is required by your stores.

Reduced claims by up to 90%

Improve the accuracy of your stock audits and logistics processes by working with the fast, reliable, and accurate teams at Orridge.

Reduced labour costs

By utilising our logistics solutions, you can drastically reduce staff admin time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Build transparent & trustworthy relationships

Empower your relationships with both suppliers and customers by increasing reliability and improving payment and invoice efficiency.



Orridge has been at the forefront of growing the concept and delivery of GFR audit solutions. Listen to the podcast on Vimeo below:



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Meet our experienced team of supply chain management specialists below.

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Head of Supply Chain Services

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National Sales Manager Supply Chain Services

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Supply Chain Business Development Executive

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Supply Chain Operations Manager

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Sales and Marketing Executive

Case study | Supply chain

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One Stop Logo

One Stop is a community-focused, convenience retailer providing a range of food and household goods, as well as other useful services such as free cash withdrawals and in-store Post Offices.

Orridge Supply Chain Services has been working with One Stop since 2021, providing delivery accuracy services across the company’s stores to help save time and reduce unnecessary costs.

One Stop recognised that a lot of employee time was tied up in stores checking direct-to-store supplier deliveries for accuracy. The Orridge Supply Chain Services division introduced the concept of direct delivery auditing to One Stop to eradicate this task.

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